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Our Mission:

Tukwila School District educates all students to achieve academic and personal excellence.

Our Vision:

To accomplish its mission, the Tukwila School District

  • has a clear and shared focus with the goal of continuous improvement for staff and higher achievement for students
  • provides a rigorous course of study that capitalizes on and enhances our students' unique talents, strengths and interests
  • develops effective leadership that advocates, nurtures and sustains a school culture and instructional program which maximize student learning
  • promotes effective collaboration and communication within the district and with the community
  • aligns curriculum, instruction and assessment with state standards
  • adjusts instruction based on student needs as determined through frequent monitoring and assessing of student learning
  • ensures all professional development opportunities provided for staff are research-based and are aligned with district goals and objectives
  • sustains school environments that are respectful, safe, supportive and intellectually engaging for all students
  • promotes parent, community and business involvement in educating our students

Our Values:



  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Equity


Our Goals:

Tukwila School District will meet or exceed the following targets based on average WASL scores for students in our Elementary Schools, Middle School and High School by 2011.

READING                                                     MATH


Elementary:  73%                                  Elementary:  62%


Middle:     67%                                       Middle:         51%


High:        81%                                        High:        50%