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The Business and Operations Department is responsible for most aspects of school district money management; budgeting, accounting, payroll, accounts payable, purchasing.

The primary function of the Business Office is to provide financial support to staff, and students of the district as directed by the Board of Directors.

The attachments below contain information about the financial position of the Tukwila School District and we encourage you to browse through the data.

If you have questions about the business office web-site or would like specific information posted to the site please feel free to email , Executive Director of Finance and Operations.


Preparation of the Board of Director Annual Budget

The General Fund comprises the total annual operating budget of the Tukwila School District.   

The General Fund is financed from local, state and federal sources.  These revenues are generally used for financing the current, normal and recurring operation of the school district such as student instruction, food service, transportation, and maintenance, to name a few.  The budget provides the Board, administration, and managers with necessary funding to maintain operations for the next fiscal year. The budget is a financial representation of the school district's solvency from the beginning of the budget cycle through the year and is helpful for predicting financial conditions in future periods.  Appropriate budget planning requires careful analysis of historical experience; future needs, inflation and enrollment projections. To achieve success in these areas, basic parameters must be established to collect and identify information at a detailed level.  We have used a conventional budgeting process based on prior years’ funding, historical cost data, and a conservative enrollment estimate. The process formally begins each spring with the adoption of the budget assumptions by the board of directors. 

If you would like to access monthly enrollment and financial reports for Tukwila school District or any other district within Washington State. Click here to visit the OSPI website. 

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