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Tukwila School District provides ongoing professional development in curriculum, instruction and assessment. Teachers have multiple opportunities to participate in district, building or self-determined professional development to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to meet a wide range of student learning styles and abilities.

Professional development opportunities are developed in response to identified needs of teachers and student learning outcomes within the district. Currently, teachers are offered classes in technology integration, instructional methods in reading and writing, and in other content areas. Additionally, each building supports staff working together in teams as professional learning communities to do book studies, examine student work, build consistent curriculum and assessment practices, and to work collaboratively on school issues.

New teachers in the district are provided with a mentor to explore curriculum and instructional issues common to beginning teachers. Teachers are also supported in their second year of teaching with a facilitator who meets with them monthly. Both beginning and second year teachers benefit from classroom observations done by the District Mentor Teacher.

The district also supports teachers going through National Board Teacher Certification and Washington state Professional Certification.