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Tuk Teachers' PD Toolkit! 


2015-16 Early Release Wednesday and Professional Development Calendar

2015-16 Professional Development to Support Digital Needs

Professional development is a top priority for the Tukwila School District. Research shows that the most important educational factor in a student's success is a highly effective classroom teacher, and we need to ensure that our educators have the tools and skills they need to reach all levels of learners. Professional development opportunities are developed to support the district's strategic-plan student-learning goals. In addition to structured and collaborative staff-development time on Wednesday mornings, Tukwila staff members are offered ongoing classes in technology integration, differentiated instructional methods, and curriculum-specific method. 

Professional development resources for staff:

  • PLC definition:

In the Tukwila School District, PLCs are teacher-facilitated collaborative learning groups whose work is focused on increasing student achievement through continuous improvement of professional practices.  The work of PLCs is aligned with the goals of the district’s strategic plan, supported by principals, and shared with others.  Members of PLCs agree upon norms for their work together.