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In 2003, the Tukwila School District received a three year grant from the Stuart Foundation for the purpose of supporting a district-wide culture of accomplished teaching. The goals of the grant were to focus on powerful instruction and improve student achievement through two teacher certification pathways that are now an embedded part of Tukwila's professional development model. The two certification pathways are:

The Professional Certificate (ProCert)

The National Board Certificate (NBC)

Teachers who choose to go through either the ProCert or the National Board Certificate process meet once a month with other teachers at a Tukwila school for peer collaboration and support, in-depth analysis of student work, feedback on classroom videotapes, and discussion on, for example, student misconceptions in a subject area. The goals of the ProCert and National Board programs are aligned and consistent with Tukwila's first and second year teacher support programs.

Please contact Dr. Mellody Matthess, PhD, Assistant Superintendant, for additional information. (206) 901-8010;

Benefits of going through the National Board process:

Excellent Professional Development in your specific certification area.

Collaboration with colleagues.

Reflecting on how your teaching impacts individual students.

Benefits of earning a National Board Certificate:  All of the above plus:

Numerous leadership opportunities

The state pays National Board Certified Teachers $5090 annually and up to an additional $5000 to NB teachers who teach in "challenging" schools.

Being a National Board Certified Teacher looks excellent on a resume.

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