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From the Desk of Pat Larson -



September 8, 2014


What a wonderful great start to the school year!  We had a smooth start with only a few minor glitches on the first few days that were easily resolved.  Thank you for sending us such wonderful students. 

We have registered over 60 new students in the past two weeks and our counseling department has been working over time getting students assessed for placement in classes and creating schedules.  Over 60 new students has created some imbalances in class sizes, some having low student enrollment and others over capacity so as soon as the counselors have schedules completed, they will begin working on balancing classes.  I want you to know that they will do all they can to minimize schedule changes for students while they also balance classes. 

We successfully completed the Accreditation process last spring and have been fully accredited for the next five years.  Thank you for providing input into the process through the parent survey we conducted.  We have made some changes to our Advisory program based on the Accreditation recommendations and staff and student feedback.  Advisory will now be two days a week, Tuesdays and Fridays and will be focused on providing students with the following:

Organization and study skills using some AVID strategies

  • Academic support, study hall, tutorials using AVID strategies, re-taking assessments
  • Collage and Career Awareness/post high school information including test prep (PSAT, ACT, SAT)
  • Student leadership and student mentorship

The Advisory Leadership Team is currently working on creating a plan to make sure there is dedicated time to get all of this accomplished.

The financial cost of having a high school student continues to increase.  Some of our alumni have recognized that need and decided to help out.  Thank you to the Class of 1964 for donating to our students, I truly appreciate your generosity and giving back to our school community. 

If you are interested in helping the students at Foster, we participate in the Take Charge of Education program through Target.  Every time you shop at Target with your REDcard, Target donates 1% of your purchases to a designated school, which of course would be Foster.  This is an easy way to help our students without adding additional financial costs to you.  So keep us in mind next time you shop at Target!

I want to thank you again for sending us such wonderful students!  It's a Great Day to be a Bulldog!