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From the Desk of Pat Larson -


August 19, 2014


The days are getting shorter, summer is beginning to fade away, which means that it is almost time for school to begin.


Summer was not a quiet time at Foster, the school was busy all summer with summer school, AP Boot Camps and 9th grade Jumpstart classes.  Freshman who attended our Jumpstart classes, Marine Biology and Health/PE classes have earned high school credit toward graduation before officially starting high school.  The AP Boot Camp for English and Math students, helped students get an idea of what they will be learning this year, how they will be learning and an opportunity to work closely with teachers getting a head start in these rigorous courses.  Our summer school was a big success with students earning more than 63 credits toward graduation.  For many students, their work this summer has put them back on track for graduation this year. Thank you to the summer school Principal Ms. MacPherson and all the teachers who taught classes. This was a very successful summer for our students!


You will also notice some changes in our facility that happened over the summer as well.  The football field was renovated this summer and all new turf was laid.  The colors are vibrant and the field looks like one that a professional team would be playing on.  It won’t be long before our teams will be on it, getting ready for their first games.  The Performing Arts Center (PAC) is getting painted and having new carpet laid.  Three classrooms in the academic wing are being remodeled, getting new cabinetry, desks and some additional office space is being added.


I am excited about the start of this year!  We are starting the year off with Welcome Back Bulldog Days for students on August 25 and 26th.  Our Ignite mentors will be spending a full day with freshman helping them get oriented to Foster and ready for high school and our upper classes will have class meetings to organize themselves as a class and get ready for the year.


Last year was extremely busy for me, learning a new school and all that goes with being a high school principal.  I appreciate all the support and encouragement I received from families, students and the community.  My goal this year is to keep the Principal Corner updated regularly to help keep you informed of changes, upcoming events and activities.  My hope is that all of you will hold me accountable to achieving this goal.


Enjoy the last few days of summer with your students, school will be in session before you know it!